StayConnected Protection Plan Benefits

'No Hassle' Experience

Thanks to our 'No Hassle' customer experience, your mobile lifestyle stays on track... no matter what happens.

SafeStore Cloud Backup

Securely store your irreplaceable memories - With shared space for up to 10 devices, SafeStore Cloud Backup is roomy and inviting!

Family Security

Keep the family close - With anti-theft and location monitoring from ProtectCELL, your loved ones are always within reach.

Value and Peace of Mind...No Matter What

Comprehensive Protection

For any reason or no reason at all, your mobile devices are completely protected.
  • Device protection no matter what
  • SafeStore app with family security and mobile backup at your fingertips
  • Plus, a no-hassle experience

Accidental Damage Protection

Have peace of mind ~ Replacement device for certain unfortunate incidents.
  • Includes mechanical & electrical failure due to certain types of physical or liquid damage
  • Does not include Loss & Theft
  • Plus, a no-hassle experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers' warranties do not protect against damage. A warranty covers "defects in manufacturing" and even that is good for only 12 months.

If you need to replace your phone in the middle of a 2-year contract, it could cost between $500-$800. With our membership plan or service contract, you pay only an admin fee of $150 to request a phone.

You can easily buy coverage for your new device on this website or through your wireless provider. Coverage will continue on the old device unless you cancel, and you can cancel at any time by calling in or chatting with us. Upon cancellation, your old plan will continue until your next billing date.

After contacting ProtectCELL online or over the phone, another device matching the same features as yours will be sent to you. In fact, 95 percent of ProtectCELL's certified devices are like-for-like matches (not including color).

Each device is certified by ProtectCELL, is new or remanufactured, and has a full 1-year warranty.